Materials Made Simple

A highly intuitive and powerful materials management platform, transforming processes across the enterprise

Supply Chain Optimization Software

Increase Business and Optimize Resources

Optimize time and cost

Optimize cost and delivery time

Optimize cost and delivery time

  • Upload a Bill of Materials spreadsheet to receive an optimal costing within minutes.
  • Cleanup messy Bills of Materials.
  • Improve precision and confidence in the costing results.
  • Manage your cost-time tradeoff.
Real time data from suppliers

Access Real-time data from Suppliers

Access Real-time data from suppliers

  • Collect up-to-date buying alternatives from leading distributors.
  • Use the customer's credentials to retrieve their specific commercial terms.
  • Deliver technical and operational information, such as the components' life cycle and inventory.
Technical and operations insights

Gain Technical & Operations insights

Gain Technical & Operations insights

  • iKido considers the preferences, compares the alternatives, and provides explicit instructions on what to purchase, from whom, how much, lead time, and at what cost.
  • It also offers an indication of the component lifecycle.

A data driven, seamless solution enabling a sustainable competitive advantage

iKido provides a holistic view of your materials management system, enabling improved delivery time while reducing cost and risk.


Materials Management is critical to the organizational strategy and supply chain, as it keeps projects and production focused and viable, preventing budget overruns. Any disruption to the flow of goods may result in financial and reputational loss.