A Holistic Approach to Your Supply Chain

We started IKIDO to address the long-standing dilemmas in identifying, sourcing, and optimizing the search for components and managing the Bill of Materials throughout their lifecycle. In the post-covid era, the manufacturing industry suffers unprecedented supply chain disruptions. Manufacturers of every scale and across industries face substantial sourcing challenges, with semiconductors’ manufacturing capacity falling short of the surging demands, a situation projected to continue for the foreseeable future.

In a market competing on scarce resources, moving fast is essential. Relying on static data and manual work won’t cut it. With access to a vast amount of real-time data and advanced AI, IKIDO intelligently enhances your component selection. We continuously monitor your supply chain from the design stage to the final execution to proactively identify and solve material flow disruptions. No other platform is focused on your business or delivers on this promise.

Guy Eron | Founder and CEO

Guy has managed multi-disciplinary departments and divisions spanning production, assembly, procurement, planning, logistics, and sales & marketing activities for mature and startup manufacturing companies for the past ten years.

Roy Dar | Founder and CTO

With 20+ years of experience in management, architecture, and hands-on development of enterprise-grade products, Roy is experienced in leading products from inception through to road map and commercialization.

Danny Biran | Ex-Altera

Mohamed Amer | PhD, Ex-SAP

Joe Joyce | Ex-Flex

Never Miss a Component Again.