Materials Made Simple

An intuitive platform that equips you with risk analysis and mitigation capabilities while providing real-time insights into component cost and availability.

Supply Chain Optimization Software

Mitigate Risks and Optimize Resources

Optimize cost and delivery time

Optimize cost and delivery time

  • Cleanup messy Bills of Materials
  • Get real-time information from suppliers
  • Improve precision and confidence in the costing results
  • Manage your cost-time tradeoff
  • Foresee and tackle supply chain risks

    Foresee and tackle risks

  • Real-time risk analysis
  • Foresee and avoid supply chain disruptions
  • Real-time alerts to changes in components' lifecycle
  • Gap analysis to identify new or emerging risks
  • Supply chain disruptions represent a real threat to sustainable, global economic growth.

    “The chip shortages are expected to cause widespread shortages of everything, from electronics to medical devices, to technology and networking equipment.”