Shield your supply chain from current and future disruptions

Gain visibility and clarity to reduce risk in your components' supply chain

Materials management is a core supply chain function that includes sourcing, procurement, storage, and utilization of all materials used in the manufacturing process.


But materials management also means being able to manage risks, effectively monitor all related processes, and understand the dynamics involved – the risk part is usually overlooked.


A bill of materials (a.k.a. BoM) is the most critical stage of product development and manufacturing within this process, as it ensures components are available at pre-panned costs and schedules.


Manage risks and gain control over your inventory, increase your purchasing power, logistics and delivery capacity by using the IKIDO solution.

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IKIDO empowers you to more effectively manage materials, reducing cost and lead time.

With the IKIDO solution:

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Original Equipment Manufacturers

IKIDO improves your PCB design options and protects your supply chain from unexpected disruptions.

With the IKIDO solution:

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Optimize cost and delivery time

Foresee & tackle supply chain risks

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