Meet the Kaizen of BoM Management

Embedding robust agility

IKIDO searches, discovers, and orchestrates vast amounts of disjointed supply chain data into coordinated, actionable information to recommend the right part at the right time. It identifies at-risk components that are likely to impact delivery times and suggests alternatives, turning crises into stepping stones on the way to success.

One lean platform
Three expansive applications.

Whether you are the only engineer at a small manufacturing business, or part of a large enterprise engineering team designing and maintaining multiple product lines, IKIDO has you covered.

A catalyst to fine tune your hardware design

Scans your initial bill of materials at the R&D stage for weaknesses against current market indications.

Ensures compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Gives engineering teams an improved ability to incorporate supply chain considerations into product development, significantly reducing rework and time-to-market.

A synergistic solution to optimize your BoM at every stage

Collects and sorts a vast amount of components - related data to monitor, identify, and proactively mitigate risks 24/7/365.
Identifies and qualifies potential alternatives, compares them at the parametric level, and sorts by risk level, reducing your BoM vulnerability.
Streamlines engineering change order implementations, empowering confident innovations.

A fast-track to better component sourcing

Compares prices and availability across multiple reliable sources in seconds, to identify the right one for your needs.
Provides independent, unbiased sourcing recommendations helping you to significantly reduce cost and delivery times.
Continually hunts for inventory to put you ahead of the market when sourcing for hard-to-find items.